Did you know 11% of people in the world are categorized as extroverts? Most of the time these are the people in your church who are sharing their faith and the Good News of Jesus Christ.

What about the other 89%? We believe evangelism is for everyone and can be released with a concerted effort to create awareness and impartation through preaching, teaching and demonstration.

We believe an evangelist's responsibility is to come alongside the body of Christ to provided an infusion of grace into the church. Evangelists are not smoking guns for hire to lead people to Christ for the sake of those who struggle with insecurities and fears but to provide a spirit of encouragement for those who do not understood the complex work of making the Gospel available and relevant to the world.

We believe evangelism is more than telling, but a demonstration of grace through consistent love and deep prayer for our friends, family and the communities we live in.

We teach the value of the gift of the evangelist and doing the work of an evangelist. We believe you should combine both as a strategy to build the kingdom of God.

We believe evangelism is about making disciples. This idea is based on the historical evidence from Billy Graham, who confessed many of those who come to Christ in his crusades never find a church home and discipleship needed to become a Christ follower instead of only a believer. True evangelism is leading people to the saving knowledge of Christ and simultaneously leading them to the church.

We offer:
Preaching: The opportunity to stir the hearts of people to compassion, hope and joy in presenting a beautiful transforming message made irresistible by a love for Jesus.

Teaching: Our vision is to sit with groups of people to hear their stories of success and failure in attempting to tell others about Christ. We teach simple yet profound truths on how to overcome the obstacles of evangelism.

Demonstration: For those who are looking for the boldness to speak directly to others, we provide scenarios you may face as you share your faith. We will also, take groups of people on outreach opportunities.

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"Once you were not a people, but now you are the people of God; once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy." 1 Peter 2:10